About us

Design Home Tex is a leading home textile company, which has been engaged in manufacturing and export business for over two decades. Established in 1985, by Mr. P.K. Dhingra and his three partners with just 20 jacquard looms, Design Collection has made qualitative difference and progress in export business. Today, company has grown into a multi product venture winning over the customer’s hearts round the globe. 

The company has a well built factory structure spread over an area of over 5,000 square meters incorporating the latest technology and modern equipment. Having its own in- house production facility and design studio, Design Collection has been able to develop new product at very short interval and as per buyer’s specification. The production facilities are equipped with handlooms, pit-looms, frame-looms, power-looms, jacquard looms, bathmats tufting machines, stitching machines, computerised and manual embroidery set-up. The factory area also includes storage facilities, finishing and packing unit.

Design Home Tex is a customer oriented company and committed to honouring, consolidating & enhancing this tremendous cultural heritage.

In short:-our vision and commitment is to provide innovative products to our customers, with consistent cost control.

Our main strength is our wide range of product manufacturing like cotton handloom/power loom fabrics, table covers, tablemats, bed covers/linen, cushion covers, napkin & placemats, multi covers, kitchen accessories, throws, runner, jacquard fabric, bath sets (all kinds) shower curtains, etc.

Our main strength is our wide range of product which includes

Bath Mats – Regular Bath Mats, Reversible Bath Mat, Cut and Loop Pile Bath Mat.
Basic Rugs – Cotton Rugs, Jacquard Rugs, Cotton Chenille, Rayon Chenille, Cotton Cut-shuttle and Rayon Chenille Cut-Shuttle.
Made Ups – Bed Covers, Cushions Covers, Curtains, Throws, kitchen and table linen & other Made-Ups items.

Our Clientel
We exports to regions across the world like in Germany, New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, U.K, Canada and Australia and wish to spread our business globally.

Company Responsibilities 
We are fully aware of the global warming and our obligations towards environmental protection. With this in mind, we are taking steps to take care. We are using eco friendly dyes and biodegradable packing material. We contribute to environment by planting trees. We also take care that noise pollution is kept under control and decibel of sound remains well below the unsafe levels. We have provided a water treatment plant in our dye house to avoid water pollutions.

We also believe in the welfare of worker and ensure that our employees operate in a healthy work environment. Factory lay out plan is designed to offers clean and hygienic working ambience. Due care has been taken for proper ventilation in the factories; adequate drainage and proper sanitary systems have been put in place.


We believe in protecting children’s rights and observe all codes and conduct in eradicating child abuses.  We ensure that female workforce is protected against any kind of gender related misconduct, and everyone is given equal opportunities and benefits on the basis of their capability.  We also look after the safety of our workers and meet all the requirements of CTPAT.  Our factory in well equipped with all preventive facilities like  fire detectors, water and sand buckets, fire alarms, fire extinguishers. Some personnel are trained as fire fighters and with first aid training to take care of any emergencies that may arise.

We also ensure that we pay our workers as per the legal norms.

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